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Hardware Development & Integration

Hardware Development & Integration

Leveraging Apple Automation and Sensor Technology for Enhanced Efficiency

Hardware Development & Integration

At Puja Controls, our team of Hardware Development & Integration Engineers works dedicatedly with clients & customers to understand and solve every aspect of their Hardware Integration Needs. Our Services assist with component obsolescence, system efficiency, performance, TCO, and Support & Maintenance.

Puja Controls is one company that manages to integrate software and hardware to allow full control of video switching, recording, cameras and lighting etc.

Puja Controls builds solutions based on fully integrated systems that value hardware and software developments in the system design.

Our high degree of standardization of hardware and software, combined with our technological expertise ensures a translation of your test specification into a final solution in time and at the targeted cost. Our expertise ensures that our customers receive flexible system architectures that can adapt to meet changing requirements throughout the project cycle.

Most OEMs and Component Manufacturers require hardware & software integration according to specific standards, to fulfill the requirements of the application of the product and maximize efficiency. After the Conceptualization and Designing of your product, we fill in the gap of getting your product up and running with our Hardware Development & Integration Services .

Having over a decade’s experience in Hardware Integration we encompass in-depth knowledge regarding the technical aspects of advanced technologies and customer needs for Hardware Integration.

We understand the critical role technology plays in response times and make it our mission to implement solutions that empower you to handle life- and mission-critical situations quickly and safely.

Combining systems experience, client knowledge, project management, and expertise in multiple development platforms. Puja Controls provides comprehensive engineering services. We provide valuable insight on the design, development, and modernization of hardware and software, and systems integration, all while remaining compliant with defence and public safety regulations and standards.

At Puja Controls, we don’t just install technology; we deliver the intangibles – the industry-leading knowledge, guidance, and genuine ambition to help you do your job faster and with a higher level of exactness.

Puja Controls specializes in integrating new and legacy technologies, applications and systems, allowing you to access important data in one location to perform at your highest capacity.